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What we do



Translating is more than just transposing words from one language to another. The small nuances, jokes and puns must be transferred to the target language in an understandable way. Neither a computer is able to deliver a well translated text. That is why you should trust your text to a linguistic expert who knows the ins and outs of the branch.



You want a text that is free of errors in grammar, spelling or style? Or you want to give your text a professional touch?

Not a single text leaves our desk before it has been thoroughly checked. All errors are mercilessly corrected. We proofread and rewrite your text following your indications.



Mailings, brochures, emos, internettexts, and so on… You provide us with ideas, background information and describe the target audience. We deliver a clear and structured text.



If you want your texts to sell, they need a different approach. Why? Because they have to convince. You need a text that doesn’t miss its target. Only then will it communicate its professional and reliable nature to your product or service. Once we have determined your target group and goals, we will provide you with a text that will touch your (potential) client!



Launching a new product? It might be best to send us your texts so we can have a look at them. We will investigate whether or not they sound offensive or have a negative connotation in another language.

Quality promise

Evidently, you want your text to fall into the right hands. In order to ensure high quality, the translator must fully master both source and target language. However, this is not enough. He also needs proficient knowledge of the subject of the text. Only then is he capable of translating meanings instead of words.

eSDeC Communications will carefully treat your text. Our approach ensures an easily readable text for the end user by adapting it to the target language.