How can you make the translation process smoother? The keyword here is communication.

It’s not always easy to figure out exactly what the author of your text wants to communicate. The employees of your company often use a very distinct terminology that is easy for them to recognize because they use them on a daily basis. But it can be a tedious, or even impossible, task for an external translator to decypher what these terms mean. The more information you give, the better the result will be.

Here are a few practical tips.

Not only the content of your text is important, the form can’t be ignored either. The better the quality of your source text, the faster and better a translator can handle your text. Have your text proofread, preferably by someone who is a good writer or has a linguistic background. Check if your text is well-structured. A minor spelling error obviously won’t cause a lot of problems, but clear and understandable sentences may considerably simplify the translation process, which can only help in creating a high quality translation
Make sure the deadline is reasonable. Translation is not something that needs to taken care of swiftly. A translator needs time to treat your text with the same level of care and effort you put into it while writing. In general around 2000 words per working day for specialized texts and 2500 words for general texts should suffice.
Please send us your documents digitally. Making an offer for a printed of handwritten document can be time-consuming or we can choose to add a safety margin. In any case, we can give you the best price if you send us a digital file.

Word documents (all possible versions) are the most common. However, please check that have ‘Track changes’ turned off and that you have accepted all possible changes or revisions. Also make sure that your document isn’t secured with a password.

Please note: a scan does not count as a digital document. It is merely an image that can’t be processed in the same way. You could consider it to be a fax or printed document. What if you only have a scan? No problem, we can digitize your document using advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) techniques.
What if you only have PDF files? PDF files are generally not suited for translation. There are exceptions however, for instance when the document is small with a simple lay-out.

It is possible that a translator has questions and/or remarks. Therefore it is advisable that one person within your company is available to assist the translator quickly and efficiently.
Chances are you have drawn up a list of company terminology containing terms that everybody in your company uses daily. However, these terms aren’t always clear to an external translator. To make sure the translation will live up to your expectations, we strongly advise to send along a well-organized list of this terminology.